Our story

Storkbox came about because as parents, we were concerned about the possible damage we were doing to our children's skin with the harsh chemicals in everyday nappies, wipes, and bath products, as well as the environmental impact of the nappies and wipes we were using. We also, admittedly, found it an inconvenience going to the shop constantly for nappies and wipes and thought it would be great if they could be delivered to the house on a regular basis, saving us some precious time between long working hours, long commutes and long nights up with the kids. 

Our aims

At Storkbox, we don't believe parents should have to choose between great quality products and what is best for their child's skin and the environment. That's why we have sourced nappies, wipes, and skincare products that are kind and gentle on your baby's skin, and kind to the environment, without having to compromise on quality. The disposable nappies we source contain fewer chemicals than standard nappies, are eco-friendly and sustainably made, as well as being super absorbent and great fitting. We also provide reusable nappies, which are the best option for the environment in our opinion. 

We truly believe that people want to choose eco-friendly options when they are making purchases, but it has to be made easier, especially for parents, who are under enormous time and money pressures. As a parent you really don't have the time to make the harder choices. We want to make that choice easy for you.

Our nappies

We provide both reusable cloth nappies and eco friendly disposable nappies on storkbox. Reusable nappies such as the excellent Bambino Mio range are the best for the environment and we would recommend that they are used at least along with your disposable nappies. Of course, disposable nappies are so much more convenient so we wanted to find some that had less of an environmental impact. We have chosen Beaming Baby, Mum and YouBamboThe Cheeky Panda, Kit and Kin, and Pingo nappies, all of which are eco-friendly and great quality. We hope to add other suppliers as we grow and someday to produce our own brand of eco friendly nappies that meet the highest standards of sustainable production and labour practices. 

Our contribution 

Self help Africa

Storkbox aims to do our bit for the world we live in. We hope to get more people using sustainably made products with less chemicals that are harmful to our children's skin and the environment. On a wider scale, for each order, up until March 2024, we donated €5 from each monthly subscription, as well as 1% from each order to Self Help Africa's campaign to plant 1 million trees in Africa to help combat climate change. Self Help Africa aim to plant 1.1 million trees and we want to help them do that as much as we can. You helped plant 115 trees in Ireland and 1150 trees and Africa so we thank you for shopping with Storkbox.ie. Going forward, we are working with onetreeplanted.org and have committed to planting a tree for every order. All customers will receive a certificate from ontreeplanted.org for every order. 

At Storkbox, we use recyclable cardboard boxes to ship your order. Our poly mailers are 100% recycled.  Our logo stickers and the packing tape are made from eco-friendly material. Even our gift cards are made on eco-friendly cardboard.