What our customers are saying

  • Sinead on June 7th 2021 - Beaming Baby

    I've tried several different eco nappy brands for my 3month old since she was born. But none have compared to the biodegradable Beaming baby nappies. They don't leak (except for the occasional poo-splosion! But normally it stays in the nappy!). They are soft to touch and no nappy rash whatsoever. My baby is comfortable in them all night because of no leaking. Only thing I would like is if they had a marker on them for wet nappies like some other brands do but otherwise I love these! I use the different animals on each nappy as a chance to talk about them with my LO as well. We go through so many nappies a day and I'm so glad we can help the environment just that little bit more. Plus super fast delivery. Thanks so much!

  • Gosia on May 14th 2021 - "The best eco nappies"

    Very soft, light and no leaking. These are my favourite bio nappies. Will definitely get more

  • Marie on May 13th 2021 - "Great nappies and great service"

    These nappies fit snuggly and are nice and soft. No leaks yet, even overnight!
    Also, delivery and service from storkbox very personal, professional and efficient as always.

  • Rob on Oct 13, 2021

    Never had an issue with them ever since the little fella was born! We can’t recommend them highly enough!

  • Marina on September 6th 2023

    Our little man is wearing it since he was born 3 weeks ago. It is a great product, very comfortable for the baby and holds everything really well!

  • Anna on December 14th 2023 - "Beaming Baby"

    Great quality and no nappy rash. Love these nappies.

  • Orla R on May 12th 2021 - "Great nappies and great customer service"

    Very personalised service and quick arrival of order! Will order again. Guilt free nappies - what’s not to like!

  • Ann-Marie McCormack on Oct 5th 2021 - "Absolutely excellent"

    I always buy Bambo nappies for my grandson as they are the best in my opinion, and I only ever buy from Storkbox now.
    They are an excellent family run business providing first class service and customer service that is second to none.
    Cathal will go above and beyond to ensure the customer gets the product in a timely fashion. Nothing is ever too much trouble.
    (No, I’m not related to him! In fact I’ve never met him but he is so friendly and helpful that every purchase is a pleasure)

  • Louise on Oct 6th 2021 - "Great nappies"

    I found Bambo nappies really absorbent and gentle on my babies skin. I liked the picture on the front so it was easy to get the nappy right way around even in the middle of the night! I switched to EcoBoom nappies mostly because I thought the waistband was a little softer and stretchier but really like Bambo nappies too. Always great service from Storkbox and I’ll continue to order from them until we toilet train :)

  • Pedro on Mar 3rd 2024 - "Great service"

    Storkbox is an excellent business characterised by personalised and proactive support, first class non-toxic products, and quick and timely delivery.

  • Hannah on May 1st 2023 - Favourite nappies by far

    Started using Kit and Kin as the original brand I used to order was always sold out. Absolutely in love with them now! They are so good to my little ones skin, hold all the pee for ages, no chemical smells when I open the package and the design is cute on top of it all ;)
    My new favourite eco nappy!!!!!

  • Siobhán on July 8th 2023 - Maybe the best eco nappies!

    Love kit and kin, from the papery outer packaging to the cute designs these are a great nappy. No bleach or chemical nasties and yet they are as absorbent as a mainstream brand. Only improvement I would make is for the newborns - the blue line that is a feature on many other nappy brands is a handy when monitoring the number of wet nappies for new babies. However it's only a minor comment as it is only needed for size 0 / size 1 nappies for the first few weeks and is not needed after that. Overall I think kit and kin are kind to babys skin, absorbent / reliable and kinder to the environment. Will be reordering soon!

  • Laura on November 29th 2023 - Lovely nappies

    We really love these nappies for our little one. They are soft and very flexible for our busy toddler, and they have been so reliable for preventing leaks too. Great absorbency, even over night.

  • Steven on Jan 6th 2023 - "Great product"

    Another great product supplied by Storkbox. The Organic Bamboo nappies are very soft and absorbent as well as being sustainable. Nappy of choice.

  • Michelle on July 27th 2022

    I have been using Beaming Baby brand for 3 years and this is my first time to try the organic bamboo nappies, I was not disappointed. They have a really nice natural feel to them, very little plastic on them and I find them even more absorbent than regular Beaming Baby nappies. The packaging is also paper. I'm always trying to make more sustainable choices especially for my children and these nappies have met all my expectations. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  • Paula on Feb 18th 2023 - "Awesome nappies"

    We loved using the Pingo nappies! No leaking overnight, excellent quality. And they are also very cute :)

  • Erris on May 11th 2023

    Great nappies, little girl wears them overnight and she wakes up dry and it great to use a nappy that is more eco friendly

  • Yro on Nov 28th 2023

    I am currentlly trying a lot of different nappies for my newborns, and we seem to encounter a lot of leaking with these nappies. We bought 2 packs of these, so we had a fair amount to review on. Because of that, I give it a 3 out of 5.
    They may be unfit for my small baby girl (we did take into consideration the ones we simply didn't put properly, as new parents...), so I wouldn't disregard trying these based on this comment. Because they are super soft (the softest ones we tried so far), it could be the right product for your little one.

  • Marina on Oct 6th 2023

    We love the cheeky panda nappies, they hold everything really well, the elastic on the back is handy and it is very soft! Baby skin is really happy with it.

  • Eimear on April 15th 2022 - "5 stars"

    Really fast shipping with some really handy samples to pop in the changing bag. Thanks so much. My little one uses these "wipes" as comforters and I was finding it difficult to source this particular brand. Browsing on your site I found them and at a competitive price. Thanks again storkbox, much appreciated 😀

  • Francesca on Sep 25th 2021 - "Kind on environment, kind on skin"

    We chose these nappies because we were looking for an environmental-friendly alternative to traditional disposable nappies and we absolutely love them. They are very kind on our child sensitive skin (no more nappy rashes) and also very absorbent. We appreciate also the simple plain design and the wet indicator.

  • Louise on Oct 6th 2021 - "Soft and super absorbent"

    These nappies are very absorbent and gentle on my baby’s skin. The waist band is nice and stretchy and really soft. The wetness indicator is handy too. I think they’re great value for money and love that they are a more environmentally friendly choice.

  • Basia on Dec 3rd 2021 - "Brilliant"

    Simple and great, delicate on baby’s skin, good value for money! Brilliant service from Storkbox every time I order :)

  • Maria on May 24, 2022

    I find these nappies the best out of eco friendly nappies. They are good value for money and kind on baby’s skin.

  • Alma on Jul 11, 2022

    Fantastic nappies that are kind to baby's skin and it is plastic-free.