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  • Eco nappies, organic wipes, biodegradable nappy sacks
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  • Organic baby wipes
  • Organic baby wipes
  • Biodegradable nappy sacks
  • Biodegradable nappy sacks
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Bambo eco nappies - wipes - nappy sacks bundle

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Nappy sacks

Get a month's supply of Bambo nappies, Beaming baby wipes, and nappy sacks delivered to your door, saving at least 10% on your order than if you were to buy them individually and with Free shipping. You can also choose to sign up to our subscription service to save a further 10%. 

Why order from Storkbox? 

We all want to do better for the environment, but when it comes to nappies, we look for value, quality, and comfort above all else. At Storkbox, we know this and have chosen eco-friendly nappy brands based on these requirements. One of the nappy brands we have chosen is Bambo Nature. 

Why Bambo? 

Bambo Nature are one of the most environmentally friendly eco-nappies on the market. They are manufactured in a production facility where 95% of all production waste is recycled, and their production facilities are 100% powered by clean energy. 

Furthermore, Bambo Nature are labelled with the Nordic Eco-label, and are also dermatologically tested. All Bambo Nature Nappies are free from latex, chlorine, perfume and lotions and are great for your baby's sensitive skin. 

That's great, but are they any good? 

Bambo Nature nappies include flexible side panels, breathable textile-like back sheet, and a super absorbent top dry system that ensures a fast absorption and a dry surface, ensuring your baby will stay comfortable and dry all night long. 

Wipes and Nappy sacks

The bundles include three packs each of Beaming Baby wipes, Bambo wipes, or Eco Boom wipes, and nappy sacks.  


Check out our size chart here to make sure you get the right size for your baby. 

Need more than one size? Just leave a note on the cart page and we can organise that for you. 

Shipping and refunds

Shipping is €3.95 on all orders and FREE for orders over €70, as well as on all multi-product bundles. Check out our shipping policy for more information. 

You can return unopened, undamaged packs anytime in the next 365 days. Check out our refund policy for more information. 

At Storkbox, we use recyclable cardboard boxes to ship your order, and if possible, we also reuse suppliers' boxes to cut down on waste. Our poly mailers are 100% recycled.  Our logo stickers and the packing tape are made from eco-friendly material. Even our gift cards are made on eco-friendly cardboard.

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